Friday, March 18, 2016

MINE Magazine 51

The 51st edition of MINE Magazine is out. It's our USA edition, written by citizens/residents of the US. The articles there BLESSED me like no other edition has.
You need to download your copy ASAP.
Please do so here:
Other editions are available too for FREE DOWNLOAD.
God bless you!
It's  still #nosum

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still on the matter!

It's still #nosum #worldvirginityday advocating #sexualpurity #purity is the new cool!
We choose to be heard!

Monday, March 14, 2016

We will shout from the roof tops!!!

Please let us raise our voices.
Values we once held dear are being eroded because people who believe in "wrong" are putting their money where their mouth is. You might not feel affected yet but would you want your son or granddaughter taught in school by a transgendered man/woman or a rapist. His/her life would never remain the same. Seeds you cannot uproot easily would have been sown.
Our governments so far in Nigeria, thankfully, have upheld our cultural values, but Media, especially Social Media, Movies, Music, and Reality Shows are mis-informing our children and teenagers and there's no voice loud enough on the "other side" to give them an alternative. The battle for their hearts has been won without a fight. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!
Please, if not MINE Teenage Ministry, give some worthy support to organizations promoting godly values.
We (MINE TM) are planning WORLD VIRGINITY DAY (the 6th edition) and we want to have it at the Expo Center, Eko Hotel, Lagos, to be aired live across the world. We want to give the "competition" a run for their money. We want to save your children (present or unborn); we want to preserve sanity. We want the upcoming generation to know there's an alternative to what they are hearing and seeing EVERYWHERE. Sexual Purity is POSSIBLE.
Our budget is N20million (twenty million naira). Please be a part of an unprecedented "REVIVAL OF VALUES".
Total Accountability of your funds would be made after the event on this same platform.
Date : Saturday, June 11th, 2016.
Venues: Different locations across the world (you could offer a venue in your location)
Central location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Proposed Lagos Venue: The Expo Center.
Please partner with us. 1,000 people giving 20,000naira and we're good. There's at least one person reading this that can singlehandedly sponsor this. Many lives would be forever indebted to you.
Please don't ignore this message.
If you feel you cannot do much now, do the little you can and please tell people about it.
Please share this broadcast message until we all IN ONE VOICE stand for restoration of the values we once held dear.
#nosum #sexualpurity