Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi. We featured a poll a few weeks back on this blog; the results are to your left. Please send in your comments. What do you think is causing this increased exposure to porn and what do you think those having the challenge can do so as to overcome this habit or addiction, as the case may be? Pls post your comment beneath this...


oluwadunsin said...

i think d cause is civilization.and i also think it is bcos pple re nt Godly

Anonymous said...

...hmmnnn pornography is like every other sin.Is imprint it leaves in us is as the same a lie is too. Basically, i mean SIN IS SIN;there's no big or small sin.
From my on view,one sins when one is not sure of who he or she is(this can also occur when one is in "Christ").
As for those who don't know it to be a sin, believe that person lacks purpose!!!Ones you know your purpose,you know who you are in Christ and nothing at this point will move you.
Timi, you can testify that when you have and know Christ you are of depth and not hollow.Therefore, the devil has little or no space to peep not to talk of having access in, to the extent he comes whenever he(devil/pornography) wants.
The devil comes in an alluring manner and it's so so difficult to resist. The only thing that can sustain us is the knowledge we receive and not the knowledge we know....

There's so much to say but i think i should stop here!!!
Thank you
Mo' Olamide Tayo