Monday, December 15, 2008

Appraise And Correct

Each time God created something when He began to create the earth that we see today, He always took a second look at it to see what it looked like. Now that is very instructive. Our God is infallible God, He cannot make a mistake. He does not make errors. He is “I am that I am”. Yet after each day’s work He took a look at what He has made and “He saw that it was good”. So if Big Baba would pause for a few minutes to examine what He had done even when He had pre-planned it, then you ought to, at every point of your life, particularly at this time of the year.
We need to appraise what the year has been like and see what we could have done better or not. Now we should not misconstrue this. This appraisal is actually meant to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. It actually helps us to take a second look at the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of our lives. We are a product of our actions and inaction. We are what we are today as a result of what we have done and what we have not done but ought to have done. So if you do a proper appraisal of your year you will find a few things you ought to keep doing and some others you need to drop.
You’ll discover a few relationships you need to cultivate and some others you must terminate so that you can remain on the part to success. Appraisal makes us better. So you need to look at your life in retrospect right now and begin to assess your character against the standards of the bible. You also need to access the things you have achieved against the goals you set for yourself earlier in the year. Ooh! I just got you. You did not have goals at the beginning of the year. That is wrong. You should always have plans and set targets or goals for yourself.
No, it’s not so hard. It’s simply prayerfully thinking of and writing down what and what you wish to achieve in the future, and in this instance during the New Year. It’s as simple as leaving your house and having a destination you are heading in mind. That destination determines the road you will take out of the many roads available to you. It will determine how fast you will move. It will determine what you will do or not do. It’s about choosing from the range of options available to you and everyone will take different routes depending on the where they are going. So you have to determine your destination. I hope you are realizing the importance of goal setting.
Now imagine the opposite, those days you are just at home feeling ‘bored’ and you just take a stroll, with no destination in mind. Anything is acceptable on such days, anything. That’s the way we live our year when we don’t have goals. So you must have goals for next year too. You must.
However that appraisal is still important. Like I said earlier, you look at your character and your achievements. Any flaws you observe begin to think about how to rectify it. Set high standards for yourself. And if you have any limiting fear, you have to deal with it now. Remember, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. So the first thing is that it is false. It is not real. And as long as you allow it a space in your mind, it will LIMIT you.
Do you stay hungry because food can get burnt when you cook? Do you leave you dress dirty because it might get stained when you wear it? Do you stop your trip because you can have an accident? NO. In spite of these possibilities, you still go ahead with what you have to do. Even though those things are a possibility, you prefer to go ahead, believing they are cannot happen. So that’s exactly how you should treat those false evidences…, sorry, your fears. And if you have experienced some of them before, then take your case to Big Baba IN FAITH. That’s the key thing, IN FAITH. And I can assure you, it’s as good as done.
APPRAISE could also mean ALLELUYA and PLENTY PRAISE. And that’s what you must do. So appraise the year again. But this time just praise the Almighty God. I mean that, praise Him, everyday from now till next year. Ensure you say words of gratitude for what he has done. You have reasons to praise Him. Oh! You don’t think so. I will give you one. Praise Him for the life you have and the opportunity to appraise. If you were dead or insane, you wouldn’t be able to. You have an opportunity again. Have a LIMITLESS year of possibilities in Christ .Cheerio

Written by Dade Akinwande

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