Monday, December 15, 2008

MINE free subscription!

For our subscribers, thank you for subscribing; I believe this edition would bless you just as you were blessed through the previous edition(s) you read! However, for non-subscribers reading this, please note that you are receiving this publication without subscription today because we want you to enjoy all that is in here, packaged specially for you. But due to the large number of teenagers we intend to reach, you won’t be receiving another copy if you don’t subscribe for it.
*NOTE: Dear subscriber, please notify us of any change in your mailing address or school if/whenever it occurs.

SO, HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE? It’s easy. Just…
Send a post mail, e-mail or text with the following details:
*Full name
*Date of birth (including year)
*School and school address (Name of university if already in the university)
*Church and church address
*Home address or permanent mailing address (post office box, if available)
*e-mail address
*Telephone number

Send the above details to:
MINE magazine,
P.O.Box 13522, Ikeja Post Office,
Ikeja, Lagos.
08023458880/07034721385 (Please let the subscription information in the text be detailed, especially the addresses)
Visit our blog and post a comment on any of the articles, including in your comment the above details.

When we receive this, you’ll automatically keep receiving your copies of MINE magazine when each edition is out. Please spread the news, so your friends who didn’t receive this edition can receive the next!


Anonymous said...

Omg! I read la conferencia and personal demon and i was lyk could there b anything 2 just show my appreciation 2 God thru u with these works?.......there is 1 tin i could do and that is 2 pray unto God 4rm mai @ 4 u and MINE crew that God will bls u exceeding abundantly and that he wl bls m 2 support it up sir very soon u wl tell God dt d blessing is 2 much cos u wl sink deeply in2 d ocean of blessing

providence confidence nyege said...

(EVANG PROVIDENCE BEKWELE CONFIDENCE NYEGE)I was asked to provide la conferencia for my student when i did i decided to read first before giving to the student what i saw in it made me to give out my own copy to a student immediately because my life was transformedthrough the book. i want to inform you that God is taking you to the level that you will not be able to count your blessing any more because you are using you God giving knowledge to impact in the lives of our teenagers. i want to let you know that their is a penalty to every thing we do here on earth. and the holy spirit is saying to me that your penalty is ( FAVOUR ,PROSPERITY,LONGLIFE AND JOY IN YOUR FAMILY.)