Monday, June 2, 2008

The Bobos' Yarn With P.Leke

Q: Hello. Please I want you to help me. I am a teenager and I am not gay but I have a gay orientation, if you know what I mean, and there is one more thing, I masturbate. At times, I have to masturbate so I can sleep. I have tried all I could think; I have even gone for deliverance twice but all to no avail. But now, I fear if I would be able to make love to my wife in the future. I haven’t told anyone about these before.

A: Hi. Are you born again? How old are you? What is your level of education? Are you married or have someone you are going out with? What situation do you think makes you go into this act?

I am particular about all of these so I would know how and where to come in just for the sake of effective communication. Well, I will still go ahead for now to give you clues on what to do to prevent it from happening / what to do to be free.

- Stop watching pornographic films, or stop reading pornographic magazines etc.
- Desist from friends of such questionable character.
- Do away with materials or relationships that can give you unnecessary arousement.
- Fill your heart with the word of God.

You now see the reason for asking the first question (Are you born again?). The word of God is the only thing that can liberate you through the help of the Holy Spirit. I am not trying to be too spiritual but to be honest, it can’t be left out.

Your arousement is from your mind, because what you conceive is what you give birth to. The bible says as a man thinks, so he is. My brother, you have to be mindful of what you fill your heart with; Masturbation does not and should not have power over you rather you have power over it (through Christ Jesus) - so you can stop it. God help you as you surrender to Jesus to help you.

Masturbation is said to have some medical side effects. For example, it weakens erection in man and consequently affects reproduction. Lastly, each time the urge comes, adopt the attitude of declaring to yourself that this act is meant for the beast of the field and you are not one because you are in God’s likeness!

Stay blessed and I look forward to reading from you soon.

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