Monday, June 2, 2008

Can We Be Friends?

Sure you’re familiar with the above question. Girls, you have been asked that more often than the guys, haven’t you? A cool, handsome, ‘baffed-up’ guy walks up to you and recites some sweet lines of how he had noticed your sweet smile, gentle and dainty look, that he couldn’t help coming over to talk to you. And after his long speech, he ends up asking this age-long friendship question - can we be friends? Then you blush and the drama continues…

You possibly look back at how some of your friendships started. Some of the thoughts bring smiles to your face, right? And some bring tears streaming down your eyes. Some friends have been worth it while some have actually hurt you badly. Are you so hurt and depressed that you never want to make friends again? Or are you so fulfilled with your friendships that you couldn’t have asked for better friends?

Whatever category you belong to, there is one person who has been asking you this question for a long time. I wish I knew what you told Him every time He asked you but you’re the only one with that answer. You already know who I’m talking about, don’t you? Please don’t flip this page now. There are some things you really need to know. The Almighty God Himself is asking you, dear teenager, “Can we be friends?”
“How am I sure He really wants to be friends with me?” If that’s your question, then may I remind you that there must have been something God desired so badly that motivated Him to give up Jesus, His only Son. He wanted friends! And He still wants friends. Adam and Eve were His friends, as in, friends! God usually had evening chats with them. Can you imagine; a tête-à-tête with God Himself. If you’re doubtful, check out Genesis 3: 8&9.

However, the worst nightmare of all time, the devil, came in-between God and His friends. Just like those sly fellows who have stolen your friends from you before, the devil did the same to God. God so missed His friendship with man and He longed for a restoration. Abraham was one of the few people in the Old Testament who God was able to make friends with. But God wasn’t satisfied. He wanted, and still wants, all of us to be His friends. So guess what He did? Your guess is as good as mine. He died to pave an opportunity for a restoration of that friendship.

And every day He cries out to you….. Bola, Segun, Chioma, Chike, Audu, Aisha… He’s calling your name right now, whispering in your ears… yes, your own ears… saying, “Please, can we be friends?” He’s whispering in your ears now, can you hear Him? If you can, then let me tell you why you should feel privileged to be a recipient of His invitation – why you need to scream out Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! We can be friends!

When you become friends with God, your days of sorrow will be history. Why? Because your fears, pains, heartaches, insecurities, doubts, worries and more, become His. He takes responsibility for them and begins to sort you out. That’s why He said you should cast your cares on Him. He also said you should ask Him for all things that you need until your joy is full. Being friends with God guarantees your being happy indeed. So, if happiness has always eluded you, you have just hit your jackpot!

Furthermore, the bible says when you’re friends with God, your enemies become God’s enemies and because they know what God is capable of, they’ll either leave you alone or face the consequences. God watches jealously over His friends. He definitely will not allow anyone hurt you, so no need to be worried about death, sickness, accidents and the likes when you and God are pals.

Can you imagine being President Yaradua’s close pal, whom he really loves? Do you think there’s anything you ever need he won’t give you? Guess you can imagine the number of military guys he’ll appoint to watch over your house. Think deeply about how safe, secure and confident you’ll be if you were that close to him.

Now, we aren’t talking of a man that can die, we’re talking of being friends with the Almighty God Himself. Isn’t that an exciting thought? Beings friends with someone with immeasurable power; who made a house boy become Prime Minister (Joseph) and made a slave a First Lady (Esther). This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Please choose right ‘cause with Him, there’ll be no limit to your greatness.

However, let me spell out the consequences of rejecting his offer. You will be On Your Own – OYO. Sickness will hit you anytime, demons will play with your brain in the exam hall, life will play hard tricks on you and you’ll be left defenseless. Worst of all, when God will be throwing a party for His friends in Heaven Plaza, you will not get an IV ‘cause the delivery boys (angels) don’t deliver IVs to people in Hell Avenue. Now, I’m sure you don’t want that!

“I’m ready!!!” you scream, “I don’t want to lose out on both sides”. If that’s you, then you’ve just put a smile on Jesus’ face. Just tell Him right now that you want to be friends with Him. If you’ve not received Christ into your heart before, say ‘the love prayer’ beneath this article and if you have, you might want to still rededicate your life to Him; you can never overdo it.

Are you done with the prayer? Now, just like in your earthly relationships, friendship with God can only be sustained through the following things. Please pay attention to them. This is supposed to be a life-long friendship, not a hit-and-run, okay?

Apt Apologies: If ever and whenever you hurt Him, be quick to repent, apologize to Him and renew your friendship.

Constant communication: Spend at least an hour daily listening to God, through His word, and talking to Him in prayers. Communication makes you two closer.

Full Fidelity: Be faithful to Him. Don’t hurt Him by meddling with sin. Don’t let some guy touch your body before marriage. Don’t listen to music He detests… the list is endless. Just don’t hurt Him.

Generous giving: The proof of love is giving. Give God your money, resources, talents, time, in fact, give Him your all. And do so cheerfully!

Special surprises: Go the extra mile for God once in a while. Do for Him what He loves most – talk to sinners about His love, spend a whole day with Him, give out your favorite dresses to the orphans (He really cares about those kids). Just do something special for Him and enjoy the pleasure of seeing God smile.

Total trust: Talk to God about anything and everything that happens to you. Let Him be the first person you turn to in sharing your joys or pains.

Tender touches: Just like hugs help friendships; hug God daily with your worship. Make it a habit to let Him know how much He means to you.

Dearest, given these few guidelines (they are not absolute), you’re likely to become God’s ‘buddie’ in no time. You never can tell, you might even make it to becoming the best friend God has ever had on earth. Oh yes! It’s very possible!

Please note however that the only way you can make the best out of this friendship is to depend on the Holy Spirit. If you have been Holy Spirit baptized, pray in tongues often. If you have not, please see your pastor about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you become closer to Him and you can be sure He’ll do just that.

“But I have been hurt before, and I don’t want God to hurt me too. I’m afraid He’ll quit on me when He sees how messed up I am”. If that’s you, you’re the kind of person He’s looking for. “Why me?” you may ask. Because HE FEELS YOU!!! He’s been through what you’re going through and He wants to stand close to you as a friend throughout life.

“Are you sure He won’t get tired of me and leave me?” If that’s your fear, friend, let me tell you that… oh wait! Can you hear something? He seems to want to answer you Himself… He’s whispering lovingly in your ears… can you hear Him now… I’m sure you can. He’s saying “I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you”

*Timilehin Adigun

The Love Prayer
Dear God, I have heard about your love and I thank you for loving me in spite of my many sins and weaknesses. I believe, Jesus, that you’re the son of God and that you died and rose again to save me. I repent of my sins and forsake them. I will live to please you as your Holy Spirit helps me. I receive you into my heart and I ask that you make me yours forever. Help me to be your friend and may we love each other for all eternity. Thank you Father for accepting me. I have prayed in Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you prayed this prayer for the first time, please send an e-mail to us at and we’ll be quick to get back to you to stand by you in this new adventure of life.

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