Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Yahoo Bug: Don't Let It Bite You

He drives around in his sleek 2005 Volkswagen Golf car. As usual, he wears one of his new ‘trademark’ T.M. Lewin shirts with a pair of cute, very cute, faded jeans and a pair of Reebok sneakers. He is the new neighborhood envy. He oozes, breathes and lives “most expensive”. The fact is he is really expensive. His phones and other accessories, his new fashion savvy also show this. That’s Seun, your elder brother’s friend and neighbor. Someone you virtually grew up with.
He’s presently an undergraduate and the newest of the growing ‘rich boys’ clique down the street. How did he get to this level? They are into ‘yahoo yahoo’ (like you already know!)

The thought of living that kind of life keeps flooding your mind. He looks very different, something close to your wish of how you want your life to be. He is the toast of the neighborhood. And this is putting you under pressure. Hey!! Please don’t let this bug bite you too. I’ll give you three reasons why you should deliberately and diligently avoid this.

1. “Yahoo Yahoo” is a sin against God and a crime against the law. It involves using deceitful means to attract sums of money from other people via the internet and telephone. It is one of the cyber crimes that governments all over the world seek daily to eliminate. And law enforcement officers are putting in their all to catch these criminals. It is an act that will receive the full measure of God’s anger. Why would you engage in an act that will make you an enemy of God, man, and the law? Or the yahoo boys look cheerful, right? It is, and will always be, short-lived. Many of these people have gone to jail before. Is it not too early in your life to be called ‘a convict’ or ‘an ex-convict’? Think sir/ma. Think!

2. Don’t you remember that ‘whatever a man sows, that he will reap’? God is not deceived even if man is. Look! Hear this and never forget it; you can determine your actions, but you cannot directly determine the consequences (results) of those actions. For instance, remember those times you did not read well enough for your test (I hope there were very few of such times), even though you wished and dreamt about passing well, you actually got the opposite.
That’s exactly how life is. But like your tests, you can influence the results of things in your life. If you can discipline yourself to always take the right decisions, you can influence the consequences of your actions positively. And as for our friends involved in ‘yahoo yahoo’, they cannot reap anything positive from their actions. You will see that in a matter of time - I have seen that over and over again. So don’t let that rampaging bug bite you. Love and obey God always, do the right things, and His blessings will be yours.

3. Now wait for this! Can you imagine Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos looking for a shop in Oshodi where he can go daily to sell provisions? That’s impossible, except the governor does not know what his role as the governor of a state is. But that’s exactly what our friends, who have been bitten by the yahoo bug, are doing. They do not know that in them lies more than enough talent, waiting for the right time to be harnessed, which can take them to any height they wish to go in life.

More so, God has made you fearfully and wonderfully, with future plans of peace and not of evil to give you a great future. So, please do not demean yourself by getting into shady things that you cannot be proud of in public; things that keep law enforcement agents on your heels.

Finally, complete obedience to God means total abstinence from sin. Don’t let this bug of sin bite you. Shield yourself from it with God’s grace that comes as a reward for complete obedience to His word. He is a faithful rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He will bless you with your own blessings. Cheers!

*Dade Akinwande

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