Monday, June 2, 2008

Teen Celebrity

Can we meet you?
I’m Modupeoluwa Adelaja; a native of Ijegbu-Ode. I’m a Christian; second of four children and first of three girls. I’m sixteen going on seventeen.
What are you up to right now?
I’m currently doing diploma (foundation year) in Petroleum and Gas Engineering at the University of Lagos.
What church do you attend and what’s your involvement there?
I attend RCCG, Solid Rock parish (the teens’ church) and I’m both a Sunday school teacher and a chorister.
What secondary school did you attend and in what year did you finish?
I attended Caleb International College, and finished last year (2007)
What result did you finish with, that is, in your WAEC?
I had 7 A1s and 2 B3s.
We could call that all distinctions, right?
How were you able to achieve this impressive feat?
Truthfully, my aim from SS2 was to make 9 A1s and come out with the best result in West Africa and then travel to Harvard on scholarship. I wanted to study abroad without stressing my parents; that’s why I wanted a scholarship. It was this goal that pushed me to do so well.
I also had a very good, dedicated and concerned lesson teacher, whom my dad employed for me. He was of great help.
But in it all, it was God o! All the hard work would have been in vain because I had a D7 in my WAEC English at first.
Please tell us more about that.
When I saw the result, I was disappointed. But I had just learnt about what Job did in his own day of crisis, so I followed suit. I knelt and worshipped God, though it seemed insincere. The devil laughed at me and my doubts but I still worshipped.
I told God however that I didn’t want the D7 becoming a C6 but rather an A1 since He had turned water to wine before. Soon after, a friend called and told me that WAEC made mistakes in the English results of my school and had rectified the errors. I checked online and saw that my D7 in English had become a B3.
You must have read real hard, right?
Yes. I read like I would die. However, with it all, it was God’s grace that helped me to stand and not give-in to cheating. During many papers, I discovered that most questions were from parts I had just read before the exam, not the ones I had been reading for weeks and I thanked God for leading.
At times, I used ‘Iko’ for questions I didn’t know and left them in God’s hands.
What is Iko?
Common Sense
Any other tips?
Yes. The final thing was prayer. Since my SS2, till after my WAEC, I prayed for guidance as I studied and for favor with markers, and I know beyond all doubts that the prayers worked!
Did you have any distractions: TV, boys, girlfriends?
I’m not a TV freak, and NEPA didn’t help matters either. I hardly spent time with my classmates except when in class because I was a day student. About guys, my stand as a Christian was known right from time.
What was your stand?
I didn’t believe, and wasn’t interested, in secondary school relationships.
What role did your parents play in this?
Everyone was lovely. My dad gave orders that they let me read. My mum took up my chores. My brother, who was at home from ASUU strike, and my sister, did my chores and woke me to read because the alarm clock hardly helped.
Did you like all your teachers?
Yes. I made it compulsory for myself so I could get the best from them. I listened to them with a passion to learn.
What else do you do apart from reading school books?
I read novels, talk with friends, and sing worship songs.
What makes you special and different from other teenagers?
I try to live for the future. I try not to ruin tomorrow because of the pleasures of today. Most of our desires are earthly and crave to be satisfied. But I reach for the things that will count in eternity (spending time with God and with people). Only our works for God will stand at last. I can’t bear, or even imagine, losing out on heaven.
Any advice for your fellow teens?
Yes. There’s more to this world than it appears. I feel terrible seeing my brothers and sisters wasting time while claiming to have fun; boys and girls messing up with each other, cheating, and doing all sorts of things. All our decisions have repercussions and affect our tomorrow. Let’s try to deny ourselves the pleasure of today to enjoy tomorrow. We can’t achieve this (control over our fleshly desires) except we are connected to God. We, at this age, are seeking love, attention and identity but like Michael Smith sang, God is the only who can satisfy us with all these (love, wisdom and power) ‘cause He’s full of all three.
Thank you, Modupe. It was a pleasure chatting with you.
Same here. I enjoyed myself so much that I almost stabbed my class to continue this interview.

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