Monday, August 18, 2008

Teen Celebrity

Can we meet you?
I am Daniel Osunbor, from Edo state. I was born and bred in Lagos; second out of four children. I’m a Christian. I’m seventeen going on eighteen.
What are you up to presently?
I just graduated from my secondary school, Ilupeju Senior Secondary School. I’m waiting to do UME next year.
What church do you attend and what’s your involvement?
I attend World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC). I’m just a member.
What activities were you involved in when in school?
I was the head boy of my school. I was also a member of the JETS club. I represented my school in different competitions. I was involved in Spelling Bee competitions.
Please tell us more about that.
I went for my first spelling bee competition in JS3 but didn’t make the finals. I also went in SS1, but as a spectator. I went in SS2 again as a contestant and reached the final this time but did not win. I finally went in my SS3, in April this year, and won.
How did you feel?
I was very very happy, excited and fulfilled because that was my second time making the final; it was a dream come true.
Thank you
How did you achieve this?
My teacher in school tutored me well, taught me to spell words and encouraged me never to give-up.
Who else helped and in what capacity?
My friends helped me, calling out words for me to spell. My parents also gave me their full support; they suspended domestic activities for me so I could concentrate fully.
Did you read a lot of novels, watch films or where you just studying the dictionary?
I watched films, including ‘Akeelah and the Bee’, which motivated me to win. There was also a pamphlet from the organizers of the competition that helped me. I also studied the dictionary.
What was your reward for your winning this Spelling Bee?
I was to act as the governor of Lagos for one day and I was given a sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (#250,000) that day.
How was the experience as One-Day Governor of Lagos State?
That day was the 2nd of June, 2008. It was like night should not fall that day. Meeting the governor personally, and sitting on his own chair was not a thing to dream of or expect to happen. I was fulfilled.
As a result of that experience, do you see yourself going into politics?
To me, it’s a dangerous game (smiles).
So, what do you want to become?
A medical doctor.
I love saving people; I don’t like seeing people die.
What other memorable thing happened as a result of your winning the Bee?
The governor invited me to the welcome party organized for Man U’s Rio Ferdinand at Eko Hotel. I was happy to meet someone like that.
Are you a Man U fan?
Yes, I am.
What other things do you do?
I read books and magazines, sing and listen to music.
What makes you different from other teenagers?
The God factor; He has distinguished me from others. And the way I study is also different.
Do you have any advice for teenagers, like you, reading this magazine?
Never give up. Study hard and no matter the peer pressure, don’t fall. Also be prayerful because I believe that with God, all things are possible.
Thank you Daniel. It was a pleasure chatting with you.
You’re welcome.

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