Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do It Yourself

I have often wondered why students indulge in examination malpractice. It ranges from jotting down points and sneaking them into to examination hall, to asking a colleague for the answers while the test is still on, to buying of question papers, to bribing invigilators, to impersonating, to ‘giraffing’ … the list goes on.
In recent times, some reasons have become obvious to me. Our educational system lays emphasis on certificates, so students want to pass at all cost and obtain certificates. Another reason is that many teachers want back from the students the points they gave out in their notes. Emphasis is not laid on application but on regurgitation. So a lot of cramming is done but where the student cannot cram, he looks for a way out.
But is cheating really worth it? What does a student stand to lose by it? Tests are conducted to determine ability. When you cheat during examination, your real ability is not known and the teacher is not able to help you if you actually need it. Again, with such students, there is no depth of knowledge and it is just a matter of time, the lapses will be evident.
Regrets always follow later on in life. The guilt comes from time to time and at sober moments, you would wish you had never been involved in it. Most importantly, it is a sin against God. When Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph to sleep with her, he was conscious of the fact that if he should do it, he will be offending God (Genesis 39:9). Every sin that we commit is against God (Psalms 51:4a).
Sin is knowing what is good and not doing it (James 4:17). So, for your next examination, what’s the solution?
*Begin to study NOW. Read over your notes many times. You become familiar with the content. *Don’t wait till the last minute!
*As you read, make jottings. This will form the summary that you will use for your last minute revision.
*Pray for a retentive memory.
*Have discussion/study groups. Iron sharpens iron. Points that you forget, others may remember. (Note: discussion groups end when you enter the exam hall; don’t continue discussion when you’ve seen your questions).
*In the examination room, sit where you will not be distracted. If anyone wants to distract you, say NO!
*Ask God to help you understand the questions and to remember the right points that you need to answer the questions.
*Remember you are on your own with God in the examination room.
Try out this method and you would find yourself resolving never to cheat in any examination because of the peace and satisfaction that will flood your heart.
Please note that God honours those that honour Him. Don’t be afraid that you’ll fail because you want to do things right. God WILL help as long as you play your part well, and He’ll do more; He’ll work out things in your favour; admission, funding, etc. God is indeed faithful to those who please and obey Him.
All the best. Luv ya!!!

Written by Sinmisola Adigun (08023187306,

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