Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Westernization has undoubtedly brought a great change to our society. It has affected lives, both in the academic institutions and outside; churches included. It is also taking negative tolls on our youths and some middle-aged persons when it comes to dressing.
It is good for everyone to have the freedom to dress as they please but in a society like ours, where anything goes, this could spell doom to our future generations if caution is not applied. It’s so alarming how young girls throw caution to the wind when it comes to dressing all in the name of fashion.
Our young boys and girls no longer focus on their studies and their endeavors in various fields nor on what the future holds for them, they copy what they see in the western movies, and similarly dress like they do while forgetting that our society doesn’t go by the standards that govern these western countries.
Immoral dressing has eaten up girls so much that girls hardly wear decent dresses anymore. They wear ‘Micro-mini’, see-through skirts, not to talk of the tops they wear. Boys are not left out of this. Some now wear earrings, they refer to as ‘blinks’, some pierce their nose, while some even wear feminine clothes. Others plait their hair, perm it and even attach cowries. The make girls go ‘bananas’ believing they are in vogue.
By the way, did you know that the origin of sagging came from prisoners? When they were stripped of heir own clothing and given prison wear, they were usually given oversized trousers with no belt. Hence, the falling trousers, hanging half way down their back side. Music artistes picked it up, and then guess who copied? You!
Isn’t it funny that we do things without knowing why and we hurt ourselves in the process? The bible makes it clear that we should SEARCH for ALL things but hold firm that which is the truth. That you see people doing it doesn’t mean you should. God has a different plan for you life; where others are headed is different from where you are. Please dress right!
You’ve heard it said that ‘The way you’re dressed determines how you’ll be addressed’. Here’s a true-life scenario. I witnessed it myself. There was a lady who didn’t wear underwear and the gown she wore was revealing. An angered guy, provoked her indecent outfit, walked over to her and tore her dress. Yes, in public!
It was a woman that gave her a veil to cover her nakedness. A police officer around also gave her something to wear as they took her away from the scene. That might have been a rare case but it points to you the effect such dressing could have and the repercussions. Can you imagine what would have happened if that guy had seen that lady on a lonely road at night. Do you think he would have raped her? I think he would!
I know you might be struggling with this. Possibly your parents even encourage to wear skimpy things. I saw another scenario; a mother sewed a dress for her little daughter. It had one sleeve. The little girl asked, ‘Mum, where is the second hand?’ knowing well that a normal dress should have two sleeves.
Please, this is not to tell you what to wear and what not to because we might never agree on that. But whatever you wear, please be sure you’re not tempting the boys or tempting the girls. And most importantly, be sure that if Jesus were to be your escort, walking with you, He would be proud of you. Develop a great dress sense!

Written by Toyin Ogundana ( ; 08032227028)

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