Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Teen Celebrity

Can we meet you?
My name is Boluwatife Odumosu. I come from Ogun state (Ijegbu-Ode). I’m half Yoruba - half Efik. I’m thirteen years old; the first of two sons.

What are you up to right now?
I’m a JSS3 student of Trinity International College, Ofada.

What church do you attend and what’s your involvement there?
I attend RCCG, Liberty Parish, Mafoluku. I’m very active in church; it’s s new church, so I’m involved in different activities there.

What was your result like last session?
I came first, to the glory of God, with an average of 93.4%. It was cumulative of the first, second, and third terms; I had A’s in all my subjects.

How many prizes did you get this year?
I got twelve prizes for twelve, out of fifteen, subjects, the prize for best attitude to work, the highest annual result, participation in co-curricular activities, and the mother of all – Trinity Student Of The Year Award.

What’s the secret of your academic exploits?
From primary school, I remember I never achieved this. It all started when I entered secondary school. I started by making a resolution; writing out my aims and objectives, things I wanted to eliminate and those to imbibe. I worked on these things.
Later, I found out some of my friends used to get ‘missing’. I asked them and they showed me where they go. They took me to the chaplain’s office where they meet to pray.
I then gave my life to Christ and became consistent in prayer meetings. Things started looking up for me, especially my JSS1 Welcome Test. I came first. That was my first time in six years being first. My first position afterwards became consistent.
In JSS2, when I saw my seniors getting some even more beautiful prizes, I prayed and told God, ‘God, this year, be glorified in me’. I decided to fast at least 1 day in a week and I still dedicate that day to fasting till today, though I fast like thrice a week now.
That day, after collecting so many prizes (this last session), I went rolling on the floor, thanking God. I gave God all the glory, reminding myself that it wasn’t my doing or my parents’ doing. I’m not the most intelligent or most studious but I still come first. It’s simply the grace of God.

What role did your parents play?
God used my parents to encourage me at different times; they called me in the evenings and were there for me during Visiting Day. When I didn’t do too well and I was feeling down or jealous of others, they were there for me with words like ‘Your expectations can never be cut off’ and ‘Whenever you fall, your reason for falling is to give you strength to fly. The God who helped Elijah and Moses will help you’.

What role did your teachers play?
God really used them. My house master was my father in school, my Chaplain was always there for me, and my Math teacher really helped me because I didn’t like Math in primary school. The only talent I had then was in Fine Art but now things have changed. If you ask my friends to describe me; they’ll say ‘the guy who can do everything’; football, drawing, music, drama, and on. In all these, my teachers were there for me whenever I needed their assistance and didn’t get tired of me.

How did you feel when you got the Trinity Student Of The Year Award?
I didn’t expect the award, the other special prizes or the full scholarship for next session. I went on my knees when I received them, saying “Thank You Jesus”. The scholarship blew my mind; I was surprised!

You won best attitude to work (junior category). Please tell us more.
I like learning, better than reading; I like reading ahead. With my parental upbringing, I respond well to work and teachers’ demands. I’m also attentive in class. I really don’t know the criteria for this award, but I guess these are some of the things they considered.

What more can you tell us about yourself?
I have two temperaments; I’m both melancholic and choleric; two opposite but similar temperaments. I’m anti-social, I like to be on my own but I can also be very social when I’m put in a leadership position and it always comes out successful.

What are you hobbies?
I like drawing, playing soccer, watching cartoons, discussing about rapture (though my friends think it’s scary) and watching rapture films.

So you must be very ready for the rapture now?
Yes. That’s something that stops me from sinning.

What makes you different from other teenagers?
My friends say I’m too holy, I’m always preaching, heaven-bound, heaven-focused and too spiritual. And to add, I have many talents.

Any advice for your fellow teenagers reading this magazine?
Whatever you’re go through now (even if you’re a bench warmer), the moment you discover the treasure (Christ), you’ll discover that from then, you’ll live your life above your expectations; your life will change. Even when your mates complain, stay on. Those who used to mock me came to congratulate me after the Speech and Prize Giving Day.
Even if your friends forsake you, don’t be intimidated. Let your best friend, who’ll never leave you, always be in front of you. And have just one focus; don’t let the words of others determine your destiny. Choose your friends, don’t let them choose you.

Thank you, Bolu. It was a pleasure talking with you.
Thank God.

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