Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Girls' Chat With Titi

Q: I’m in my second year in the university. The problem now is that I am sickly. I am afraid I am going to die. I have spent so much on this sickness and it doesn’t seem to be improving. There is a guy in my school that has been helping me fight my sickness. He travels to New York and gets drugs for me which relieve me. The problem is that he asked me to have sex with him or else he would leave me. My parents cannot afford to buy these drugs; we are even struggling to eat. I don’t know what to do. I am not concerned about the guy's money but my health.

A: Congratulations Dear! God has faithfully kept you since birth till now that you are in your second year in the University so I think you should take the next few seconds to say a heartfelt THANK YOU JESUS! Permit me to tell you that you have not died because God wants to do in your life something He alone can take the glory for. I believe that because Jesus received stripes at the cross, you will be healed and live the rest of your life in divine health in Jesus name.

God bless the guy that has been buying the drugs, he must have spent so much and it must have been so much of a sacrifice on his part. He has done his best as an human but I know his sacrifice is not worth the price he is asking for(SEX with an innocent virgin like you) and I believe you know that too because you could have succumbed to the pressure.

You know what? God has brought you to a point like this to build your faith. You confessed that your health has not improved with the drugs but let me tell you there is a Balm in Gilead (Jehovah Rapha) that can heal all diseases - healed the woman with a 12-years issue of blood, raised a man that had died and been buried for four days, healed HIV patients, changed SS genotypes to AA in one night, and healed the man of God, Kenneth Hagin of a heart problem, who lived the rest of his life in divine health before he went to be with Jesus.

I know you have heard various reports from doctors and you have believed them enough to use the drugs as religiously as possible so much that you have continued this far though you have not seen significant improvements. I want you to exercise this same faith - and greater faith comes as you hear the word (Rom10:17) - as you believe every promise of God about your healing and health. I believe God honors our faith when we pray (Mark 11:22-24, 1John5:14-15).Here are some relevant scriptures that I want you to read, meditate, believe and confess as you watch God do the miracle. Job 22:28, Psalms 103:3-4, Isaiah53:5, Mark9:23. Please, ponder on these verses and any others you know about God’s word on your health until they become real to you. God honours His words!

Please thank the guy and firmly tell him that he cannot get what he asked for. Let him go if he wants to and assure him he will be there to hear your testimony as God sends you help from above. Your life, including your health is PRECIOUS to God and He'll do anything to rescue you from the devourer. Please be strong because I know God will take care of you.

Please dear keep in touch as much as you can and I will appreciate details of your health condition to know in what direction to pray and offer any other relevant help. I know YOU WILL LIVE TO SEE AND TELL OF GOD'S FAITHFULNESS IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING!

Answered by Titilope Oladepo (08035751800,
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