Friday, May 1, 2009

Questions That Matter Most

Asking questions is good and it is very necessary to apply wisdom in the process of asking. Jesus even said till now you’ve not asked; ask till your joy is full. So, if I may ask, how do you ask? What are some of your numerous questions that need answers?

v Where is God?
v Why do parents shout at their children to get things done?
v Must I tell my parents, especially my mum, everything?
v Why should I smile when I’m boiling inside?
v How will I get over my past?
v Why me? Why is this happening to me?
v Why do they have to decide for me?
v Why is sex not good for me now?

Let’s stop there. The questions are so many that I doubt we exhaust them till Jesus comes. However, there are some questions to also ask. We are going to apply economic terms now. These questions are asked by the entrepreneur or manufacturer:

v What to produce
v For whom to produce
v How to produce
v The last I think is not frequently asked and it’s the ultimate is Why Do I Have To Produce? (Gen 1: 26)

What to Produce: Gen 1: 1-27
God in His infinite mercies has provided and supplied everything needed according to His Eternal Computer (The Bible). All God, who is the first and the last, needs you to produce is your AVAILABILITY. He declares the end from the beginning. He already helped you out by solving the first problem i.e. He created you. Therefore, produce good fruits (Gal. 5:22). At this early stage of your life, I beg of you, make sure you’re there for Him for Him to be there for you too. This is the bitter truth; you need God more than He needs you Psalm 8:4. So, be AVAILABLE.

For whom to produce: Isaiah 61: 1-3
By their fruit, ye shall know them. Your input determines your output and what you make happen in the lifes of others, God will make happen in your own life too. An adage says, “He who pelts another with pebbles asks for rocks in return” You are to produce your availability in two ways (a) Vertical (God) (b) Horizontal (Man). Who is the first in your life? Who can you give the best? Can God trust you with your time, money, talent, gift and so on. Do you love Him? Can you really surrender to Him? Are you doing what God asked you to do? Do you have a good relationship with Him? Can He call you while you’re busy doing something else and you’ll respond? The whole law was summed up into two: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, strength, power… and love your neighbour as you love yourself. You’ll be known for two things in life 1. The problems you solve 2. The problems you caused. Listen, once your vertical relationship is shaky, your horizontal relationship will never be balanced.

How to Produce: John 15: 1-5
The question that should ring in your mind next is how to produce my availability to God and make impact in life as a young person? (Gal 4: 19, Phi 2:5,) doing things in your own way will automatically give you your desired answer which is deadly. Doing it God’s way is much better because He said I know my thoughts towards you, they are good … God has made a promise which He will certainly fulfil. Thinking of what to do? Here it is, obey Him (Isaiah 55: 1-2). Trust Him. He has promised not to leave you; all you need do is hearken to His word; don’t lean on your own understanding.

Why do I need to produce? Exo 8: 1)
This last question is to be the first question by everyone. You’ve got to ask yourself, WHY! Why is a question you ask in order to know what happened, how it happened, to whom and what to do about it? Its quite unfortunate that the major question mostly asked is, “God, WHY ME? If you don’t want to end up with why me then start your question with WHY AM I ON EARTH? By that you can proceed to what, whom, and how. (Exo 3: 12, 5:1, 8:1). Why were the children of Israel told to go out of Egypt? To serve God, Moses would have been a fool not knowing the reason he was appointed. He knew God called him to bring out the children of Israel out to serve God (Exo. 8:1). He was to be available, without excuse (Exo 3:4, 7-9) and had to listen to every instruction given to him by God (Exo. 3: 12)

In conclusion, this WHY seems crucial, that’s why I made up my mind to say what my why would be:
W - What
H - Happens what happens after every step we take in life?
Y - Yonder
God who is the first and the last, He declares the end right from the beginning, knows it all. If that is the case before you do anything, no matter how pleasing, appealing, attractive, and good it is always ask this question WHAT HAPPENS YONDER? (WHY). By the time I’ll stand before my Creator on the last day, what will become of me?

Written by Toyin Ogundana

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