Monday, February 23, 2009

Can We Talk About Him?

There was a certain man in a far country. This man was so rich. He had everything at his beck and call. He had millions of people working for him. He lived in a mansion. He had everything that he wanted. But this man lacked something. He did not have anybody to call his friend. Am sure we all know what it feels like not to have anybody around to talk to, gist with e.t.c. You can put yourself in this man’s shoes. This man needed a relationship.

So this man woke up and decided he was going to put an end to his misery. He decided to look for a friend. So he went scouting for someone that he could just talk to amongst the people that worked for him. This took him several days but he found a very good person. He was so happy with himself. And so he started to relationship with the person. After a couple of days, he realized that this person started taken him for granted. Talked to him anyhow, treated him like his other colleagues. To wrap it up, this person disrespected him.

This rich man couldn’t bear the insult anymore so he decided to send his newly found friend away. He became all alone once again. He started to think day and night on what he could do. So he decided to disguise himself and look for someone that he would have a relationship with, who didn’t know who he really was.

After spending some days with the people that worked with him, he noticed that some wanted to be his friend and some didn’t. To cut the long story short, he latter revealed himself and all his workers were shocked. Then he decided to take those that were his friends to his mansion.

Now friends, assume that that rich man is God, calling us and all He wants is just to have a relationship with us. Remember that He can do without us. Like the bible makes us to understand that He can actually raise stones to worship Him. Friends, almost everyone likes the taste of jollof rice because at some point, we have all tasted it. If you haven’t eaten jollof rice, you wouldn’t know how it tastes and wouldn’t at any time want to eat it. Like an adage says “It’s when you lose something that you tend to appreciate it more”. That’s exactly what happens. If you have never had a relationship with God, you can never know how it feels, the benefits and feeling of talking to God at any time, anywhere. Believe you me; it’s a thing you can never exchange for anything in this world. That is when you start living an extra-ordinary life and start fulfilling purpose.

There is no better relationship you can get. As a matter of fact, it is actually the bed rock for any other relationship you might want to get involved in. The first time I entered an airplane, it really did not look new to me, as a matter of fact, I felt as if it was something I was used to already. Well may be because of the movies I had seen. So, I knew when most people get scared; at the point when the plane is entering the clouds because that makes the plane unstable and at the point when the plane is landing. But through it all, I was so calm because I knew the covenant I had with God. That is as a result of the relationship that I have with him. Friends I can’t overemphasize the importance of building a relationship with God. Remember that the bible says “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you”. So all God needs from us is that desire and willingness to have a relationship with Him and He would stretch His arm towards us.

For those that already have a relationship with God, I would say that you should continue to build it and for those that do not, which is my purpose of writing, just say this prayer:

Lord Jesus, thank you for the privilege of knowing the importance of building a relationship with you, I desire to have a constant relationship with you, I pray that you would help me in Jesus Name.

I rejoice with those that honestly said that prayer, because you have just sown a seed that has an eternal value into your life. But that’s just the beginning; you need to cultivate the habit of always spending time in your place of prayer. Based on my little experience, that’s the best place to meet with Him and also studying the word of God. Start by doing that and see what God will do.

Friends, I hope we have something to hold to. If you need someone to talk to, you can e-mail me. God Bless you.

Written by Wale Adenugba

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