Monday, February 23, 2009

Honouring Your Body

Take a look at the mirror…what do you see? You’re just exactly like the Creator. In case you are in doubt, kindly fill these gaps: “And _____ said, let us make man in our likeness; and let them have dominion…
So ____ created man in His own image in the image of ____ created He him; male and female created He them.”

Think of it, how best can you care for what the President of Nigeria gives you to keep? Not to talk of the President of all presidents, the one who enthrones and dethrones. In case you don’t know, your body is a structure and this structure is not just an anyhow thing, it is the structure (shape) of God. You are God’s taste. Now tell me, what do you think we can do or how best can we honour this body of ours? Wait, I’ve got an idea: -

* Care for it:
No one can take care of it for you more than you. Taking your bath regularly, using good moisturizing lotion with soap, applying quality deodorant/body spray or perfume, and visiting the gym help you here. Moreover, pay attention to wearing fitted clothes that suit your stature, having a good body carriage and maintaining decent sitting postures (especially for ladies).

* Cash from it:
I’m sure you’re squeezing your face; I can imagine what you’re thinking, (Toyin, are you telling me to make money with my body?) Nah! It’s not so, it’s either you get paid for how well and how poorly you use your body (in cash or kind).
Let me be clearer, cash in the sense that you use your body to earn a living. Only a healthy, presentable body can go to the office to work, right? Mind you, you can also be paid in kind. How? A friend saw an outfit on me someday, and the next thing was that she bought me another set similar to that and said, ‘I love to see this on you’. I was paid in kind.
Whatever you do to your body, you do to yourself. You could KILL YOUR BODY, KEEP YOUR BODY, DISPLAY YOUR BODY, or DISTINGUISH YOUR BODY … and that’s either the end or another beginning of you!
What you honour is what you place much value on.
Moreover, see yourself bringing/bearing out another body from your body at a future time. You’ll give birth to a product just like you: ‘like begats like’.

*Ultimately, Account for it:
You just don’t use it anyhow. The fact that you’re formed in God’s image is enough reason for you to keep/honour your body because God works in your spirit through your body. Honouring it is not in the name of the cream you use, make-up, clothes and all you can think of alone. All these are attachments.
You are a temple, says God, in which He dwells; an abode for the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinths 6:15. You are member of Christ 1 Corinths 6:19. You’ll account for it sooner or later… it’s not yours. You can’t hold anyone responsible for your mistakes. Don’t cast blames, correct them and make your body priceless, even more than gold ‘cos gold itself has a price. Nobody can pay you back enough and care for your body more than you will. Much more, someone PAID the PRICE already for your body (soul and spirit too) 1 Corinths 6:20 and He is not ready to lease it out, not to talk of selling it out, to anything/anybody.
Ask those who have got scars, tribal marks, or wounds on their bodies how they feel? It could be funny, but if they’ll tell you, without hitting your chick, you’ll honour your body better. Live for Him who is able to kill the body and the spirit.

Do you care for a good, nourishing body? Let God feel you up, for it is your input that determines your output. Out of the abundance of the heart… Don’t perforate your body in the name of fashion/vogue. Jesus’ being nailed to the cross; piercing his two hands and legs was not a joke neither was it for pleasure. Don’t do yours for pleasure. He can’t watch His handiwork muttered/battered and scattered. He is a jealous God. He can’t afford to share your body with anyone else. You are married to Him, did I say married? YES

Someone said, ‘a favourable old age is a youth well spent’. I’m talking about you here and nobody else. As a boy growing up to be a man, never allow your friends to inject you with anything that will stain you, affect your brain and later, your entire body. Ladies, don’t be squeezed around in the arms of unworthy men, remember you are very rare; no one can ever pay your worth. You are expensive and unique. Don’t remove your waist rib to be like Shakirah. No other finger print is the same as yours that’s why you are the apple of His eyes. Can you see yourself in that special way?

Lest I forget, the owner of the body is coming sooner than you can ever imagine. What will you tell HIM?

Written by Toyin Ogundana

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