Monday, February 23, 2009

Novella: Sheepish Wolves (Chapter 4)

When Febi had calmed down, Segun talked with her and in a few minutes she was smiling. She even laughed once. He told her about how God felt about her and how she should feel about herself. When he was rounding up, he looked her in the eye. She lowered her eyes because his look made her uncomfortable.
“You are very beautiful”, he said. She heard him and was flushed but she wanted to be sure he wasn’t mocking her, so she looked up at him, and she knew he meant it. There was genuine admiration in his eyes for her.
“Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like dirt. No matter what they say about you, remember what God says about you and hold on to that, okay?”
“Okay” she muttered.
“It was my pleasure talking with you, Febi”
“Same here”
“Can I have your telephone number, house address and e-mail address?”
“Sure you can”. They both exchanged contacts then.
“I’ll stay in touch. Remember to call me immediately you need someone to talk to”
“I will. Thank you so much, Segun. You can’t tell how relieved and happy I am right now.”
“I can imagine” he said with a smile. They said a prayer together, and he offered her a handshake, which she received gladly. She picked her belongings and started towards the door unaware that Segun’s eyes were still on her.
Dayo had been introduced to the person who would be taking him his tutorials. Her name was Precious. He was told that she was in her second year in the university with a CGPA of 4.85. She was going to take him up personally.
Dayo, being a boy who was used to sizing up females, noticed that she wasn’t exceptionally beautiful; just okay. But when she talked, he could hear in her voice that she was highly intelligent.
“How much would I be paying?” he had asked earlier during the introduction by Makun, the head of the tutorial team. He had been told it was free and was really impressed. He didn’t know what to make of it but decided to give them a try, with a determination to put in his best.
When he was assigned to a female, he was initially disappointed. He changed his mind however when Makun had mentioned her CGPA. One thing he immediately took note of was that she seemed to pay attention to her dressing. She wore expensive shoes, jewelries, and a designer skirt suit. Her cologne was also strong. Dayo couldn’t really decipher which it was but he knew it was no cheap perfume. He could easily tell if an item was expensive or designer made from years of obsession with clothes and body accessories. He just assumed she was from a wealthy family.
“When are we starting our lessons?” she asked.
“I should be the one asking you when you would be free. You are my tutor, as it were.”
“Oh! I didn’t mention that earlier. I’m on my sessional break now. It’s for three months and I have just spent one week at home so far. I have a lot of time to spear.”
“That’s splendid!” Dayo said. “That means you’ll still be available when I write my exams?”
“Sure will”
Dayo was glad and practically exhilarated at the great start he was having. He only hoped things would work out fine eventually. “How about Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays?” he asked.
“That would be fine. Time?”
“Hmm, between 4 and 6pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Then, from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. Is that okay?”
“Yeah! It’s okay except on Fridays. Let us make it between 3 and 5pm on Fridays, so I don’t get late for prayer meeting.”
“That seems fair”
“Fair?” she asked.
“Seems great, I mean” he said apologetically. “Could I have you cell number, please?”
“Yes you can. I was just about to ask you for yours.”
They exchanged contacts, and were about to pray when Dayo interrupted. “Sorry, but we didn’t talk about the venue”
“Oh thanks” she said. After thinking a short while, she said, “The classes in the children department at the right side on the church should do. We could use one of them.”
“Thanks. But hope the church is not too far from your house?” he asked Precious.
“No, it’s just a stone throw from here” she replied.
“Cool. My driver will bring me on our lesson days. I hope never to be late”
“You have a driver?” she asked, curious.
“Yes. Does that surprise you?”
“Not really”
Dayo thought of closing the chapter but decided to satisfy her curiosity. “I’m the only child at home; my sister is away in the university. My dad had employed a driver for both of us to take us to school and other places we wanted to go. So, now in her absence, he is my driver.”
“That’s cool” she said. “Let us pray so we can call it a day”. She looked round and noticed the youth church was almost empty. While talking with Dayo, she had noticed Segun, her ex-boyfriend counseling a beautiful girl. She was getting jealous but reminded herself that what was there between Segun and herself was over. Now, as she was about to pray, she saw the girl walk away but it seemed Segun couldn’t get his eyes off her. She smiled knowing what Segun was capable of doing and what he was likely to do.
Remembering her initial days with Segun, she remembered how he had promised to love her to death. She had demanded so much from him in terms of money for her wardrobe and he had obliged. He also asked her for her body and she obliged. The only thing she hadn’t allowed him to have was sex itself. Every other preamble was done. When they got tired of each other, they broke up, and that was just a month ago, so she was sure Segun was looking for another distraction.
Concentrating back on her tutorial student, she apologized for the distraction. They prayed together and agreed to meet on Tuesday. When he shook her hand, she noticed his Rolex wristwatch, and immediately knew what she was going to do with her student.

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