Monday, February 23, 2009

Novella: Sheepish Wolves (Chapter 8)

Rashidat couldn’t agree more. Paul had been a great counselor. “I agree” she said. “I was initially offended, wondering if he took me for one emotionally unstable person who would fall for anybody. But the longer he counseled me, the more I started liking him, and if not that he was a Christian who wanted to live for God, and who also chose to honor my body, he would have had his fill of me. He had only but ask and I would have obliged.”
“Wow” was all Febi could say.
“He even said someday when we were talking on the phone” Rashidat continued “that if not for the scarcity of female counselors, he would never have counseled a female.
Febi was jealous of Rashidat and wished it was Paul who had been her own counselor. What Rashidat had narrated was what Febi understood to be true love; unconditional love. Now, she had lost everything she once held dear and the person she gave them up for had just jumped unto another available train. Bringing herself back to the present, she thanked Rashidat for taking the pain and time to talk with her. When Rashidat left, she decided to wait a few more minutes for Segun before leaving.
“She bought me all the materials I needed for my drawings”
“You can’t be serious?”
Ade, Dayo’s new friend, told him about his own female tutor who had never demanded a kobo from him but instead had bought so many things for him. “She treated me like a younger brother”. He smiled and then added. “She even scolded me at times like my mother would. She really wanted the best for me and asked nothing in return.”
“But you had enough money to buy those materials. Chief Malomo’s son couldn’t have been broke!”
“I had enough money to buy all I needed but she insisted on buying them for me. She said she was investing into my life because she knew I would become a great architect someday. She said she would want to be happy in that day that she was faithful to God and to me in teaching me to the best of her ability.”
“This is really hard to believe” Dayo said. “But she must be rich to have been able to afford those expensive instruments you guys use.”
“No, she’s just managing herself. But she’s in charge of the youth church’s welfare and ensures that all teachers have all the money and resources needed to teach their students properly. It was from the welfare purse she bought those things for me.”
That information sent Dayo’s head spinning. “You mean the church would have also given Precious money to cater for my tutorials?”
“Yes. Transportation fee and lots more covered.”
“Wow. Like how much do you think they give these tutors?” Dayo asked, imagining how much Precious would have pocketed.
“#3,000 per week”
“That’s fairly large. We are about sixty students attending these private tutorials all together and it’s free. How does the church get the money?”
“I was surprised; I had to ask my tutor. She told me that some wealthy Christians who believe in the vision had taken it upon themselves to finance this project. Also, teenagers who have been blessed through the scheme send in their contributions, no matter how small. The sponsors increase yearly. I’m already thinking of what I will give.”
“I’m impressed. That’s a challenge to me too. I guess I’ll note that against the next time I want to make a donation to charity.”
“You had better. This is some great work. I actually climbed up the ladder from 10th to 3rd position in my class. My class is very competitive, so that was some great achievement for me.”
“Congrats, brother”
“Congrats to you too, Dayo. I heard you’re making waves in your school now.”
“You could say that. It’s all good.”
“Yeah, it’s all good”
“Thanks for the company again today” Dayo said. “I want to talk with someone”, he said, pointing at the girl sitting at the far corner.
“Go ahead, brother.”
They shook hands and Dayo walked over to talk with the girl whose name he was about to find out.
From the corner of her eyes, Febi saw that a guy was approaching. ‘Can’t I just be left alone?’ she asked herself.
“May I?” he asked, pointing at the chair next to her.
‘Do I have a choice?’ she thought, but nodded all the same.
“Thanks”, he said as he sat. “I’m Dayo Aluko.”
“Hmmm, Prof. Aluko’s son?” she asked slightly impressed.
“The same. And you?”
“Febi Popoola” she said, still uninterested in any conversation.
“Yes”, she said before he finished.
“Are you okay?”
“What kind of question is that? Don’t I look okay to you?” she asked rudely.
Dayo cleared his throat seeing this might be harder than he had thought. But he wasn’t going to allow this girl ruin herself. She was hurting and needed to find healing. In this case, healing could not come if she bottled up her mistake. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you but I’ve wanted to talk with you for a while now”
“Go ahead, but don’t be long, okay?”
“Okay. But before I say anything, I want you to know that I walked all the way here because I care about you and don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
“Same old lines”, she muttered under her breath.
Dayo heard that but allowed it to pass. “I saw you three nights ago, on Thursday night.”
Febi froze. It was like she had just been hit on the head. She was dazed. She hadn’t told anyone and she knew Segun, for his reputation’s sake wouldn’t dare tell a soul. ‘Maybe he’s talking about something else’, she tried to convince herself. Forcing a smile, she said, “I don’t seem to understand you”
“You understand me very well. Thursday night. A stroll, arm in arm, beside Popzy club, an uncompleted building…”
“Who told you this trash?” she asked feigning disgust, but Dayo could see her hands shaking. He didn’t answer her but looked straight at her. He needed to be wise with this. The look in his face was enough to tell Febi that there was no denying this. She had been caught.

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