Monday, February 23, 2009

Novella: Sheepish Wolves (Chapter 7)

“Dayo, I need a favor” Precious asked on their last week of lessons. I need you to give me a ride to a party tomorrow night.”
“What? To be your driver?”
“Pleaseeee. This will be the last thing I’ll ask of you.”
Dayo smiled, knowing he had heard that phrase over and again in the last two months. He had given Precious money at several times, bought her many clothes, and paid so many cinemas tickets. She no longer bothered lying and Dayo kept indulging her. ‘If that’s what she wants as payment for her services, I’ll give her’, he had told himself. His savings account was running low but he knew his mother would reimburse him if he only but asked. She had been very happy with him since the day his teachers reported that he was now leading the class. She had never even asked how he was doing it; she just wanted good grades for her son.
Deciding to do her this last favor, he agreed. On the night of the party, Dayo asked his mum for the keys to the Lincoln Navigator. She questioned him but like an only son usually would, he got what he wanted and drove Precious to the party. It was his first time knowing that she partied. He parked outside the club house at a dark corner to avoid any embarrassments and waited for her. She had told him she would be out in two hours.
Thirty minutes after, he saw a couple strolling by. They looked vaguely familiar in the moonlight. Strolling at 10pm? As they got closer, he recognized the faces and was about to greet them as they walked past his car until it occurred to him what direction they were headed.
Segun had asked for sex a couple of times and Febi had refused but when he asked on this night and she saw the look in his eyes, she knew it was either she gave in now or she’ll lose him. ‘I’ve allowed him to do with me absolutely everything else apart from sex. Why am I still holding back’, she had asked herself.
She had agreed to his request. Walking with his arms around her, she was headed to the place he had suggested. His father was around, so he had suggested an uncompleted building a couple of blocks away from his house. With her heart in her throat, she went in with Segun assuring her that it will be okay.
Dayo saw them walk into that building and knew what was going to happen because he had been in that same building a few times before he accepted Christ three months ago. ‘Is that what Segun does with the girls he counsels?’ he asked himself.
After half an hour, they walked back and it was obvious that the girl walking with Segun was not too comfortable with what had just happened. As they passed by his car, Dayo prayed that God will have mercy on both of them. A few minutes after, he looked up towards the club house and saw Precious waving at him. He drove over and picked her up. It’s was obvious she didn’t drink or flirt because she was still in one piece.
Dayo concluded that his tutor was just a wanna-be. She was a girl who would do anything and compromise her standards just to flow with the rich, high and lofty. All she did, she did in the hope to gain their respect and admiration. But being in those circles once, Dayo knew it was a big waste of time.
Alone in her room, when the reality of what had happened dawned on her, Febi cried. She only hoped that it was worth it giving Segun what he had asked for. She expected him to call to wish her sweet dreams as he had in the last few days when he had been so persistent but he didn’t.
The following Sunday, she waited for Segun after service. He had only sent her one text after that episode telling her he loved her but was busy. He always came to see her briefly before counseling anyone in the past weeks. But this Sunday, when he did not come to meet her outside as usual, she went in and saw him talking with a very beautiful young girl. She immediately saw herself in that girl. The girl seemed shy, naïve and as scared as she was the first day Segun counseled her. Segun said something to the girl and she smiled babyishly.
Febi groped for a chair and sank into it. It was like someone had just sucked out all the breath in her. She literarily gasped for air. While sitting there, a girl came over to meet her and introduced herself as Rashidat. ‘Why don’t people ever know when you need to be alone’, she thought to herself.
Rashidat explained that she was a Muslim turned Christian. Febi barely listened to her but Rashidat caught her attention when she said she came for counseling on the 5th of May.
“That’s the same day I came”, Febi said.
“Yes, I know. I remember your face. I’ve always wanted to talk with you. Anyway, I enjoyed my counseling sessions with Paul.”
“Was that your counselor?”
“Yes. Segun was yours, right?”
“Lucky you, he’s such a good Christian.” Rashidat said.
“You could say that again. I was really lucky”, she said hoping her voice didn’t betray her. She glanced at him as he playfully hit the girl he was counseling on the shoulder”
“My counselor, Paul, always called me and prayed with me; he was a darling.”
“Did he ever touch you?” Febi had said the words before she knew it. She now sought a way not to give herself in.
“What do you mean? Rashidat asked.
“I mean, did he hug you, hold your hands to comfort you. You know now?”
“Oh that. No, he never did that. He said he had learnt not to get physical, even to holding hands, though quite harmless, with any female he counseled.”
“What was his reason?” Febi asked overly interested.
“He said it would most likely evolve from one level to another.”
“Why did he think so?”
“He said that he knew I would feel emotionally attached to him because he was the first person I was opening up to. So, he decided not to exploit my vulnerability. He said he loves and respects me as a Christian sister and would not want to take advantage of me”
“That was so sweet of him” Febi said sincerely as she remembered how Segun exploited her emotions. She was about to cry but cautioned herself. ‘You can’t cry now, Febi. Hold on till you get home’, she chided herself.


jumoke said...

Lovely story, very interesting. More inspiration in Jesus Name.

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This story is very interesting and educating. I learnt a whole lot from it. God bless you

Osmond Daniels